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Our Community

Neighbourhood Boundaries


  • South: Wedgewood Creek Ravine

  • West:  215 Street

  • North: 45 Avenue travelling along from 215 to 209 Street; then travelling south behind the rural acreages to the homes on 43 Avenue (backing on to Hilton Crescent) from 205 Street - 202 Street; then travelling south again along 202 Street to Lessard Road, then Lessard Road from 202 Street to Anthony Henday Drive.

  • East:  Anthony Henday Drive


Edgemont Total Population:  


2016 City of Edmonton Census: 1,536

2019 City of Edmonton Census: 3,508

NSP Projected population: 15,637

Site Amenities:  


  • 2 Natural Areas 

  • 9 Storm Drain Ponds 

  • Multiple Developer Pocket Parks (many under development)

  • 1 Zoned Public Area (to be developed) 

  • Community Park (to be developed)

  • Community League Site (to be developed)

  • Extensive Greenway network along Wedgewood Creek

Planning and Development




Brookfield Residential just completed their new playground based on feedback given from residents earlier in 2021. This playground equipment is primarily designed for younger kids ages 2-12 as the existing playground in Edgemont has equipment only designed for ages 5-12 (standard ratings posted on each piece of equipment).

PLUS a new playground recently opened in The Uplands (#2).


For new residents to Edgemont, we've dropped pins for each playground and provided a map to help you find the 4 closest playgrounds. There are even more playgrounds near our community in addition to these.

Edgemont Playground 1

Edgemont Playground 2

Blog about this new playground from Brookfield Developers:

The Uplands Playground 1

The Uplands Playground 2



Edgemont is a part of the On Demand Transit System and does not have a specific bus route.


For more information, head to: City of Edmonton On-Demand Transit Information or  ETS Trip Planner

Elected Officials

Elected Officials

City Councillor 

Ward sipiwiyiniwak (SEE-PEE-WIN-EE-WOK)

Sarah Hamilton


Member of Legislative Assembly

Edmonton Southwest

Nathan Ip​


Member of Parliament

Edmonton West

Kelly McCauley


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