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2023 Board of Directors


Michael Newman


I moved to Edgemont in March 2017 and have seen quite the transformation since.

What I love about Edgemont is the people who live here; I feel like we're a community of neighbours.​

I love adventure in any form: rock climbing, snowboarding, backcountry camping... the list goes on!


Brianne Burritt


I am a life-long west-ender and I moved into Edgemont in the Ravines area in 2019.


I knew that I wanted to raise my family in a vibrant, natural community. I enjoy watching the coyotes, rabbits, deer, and birds along the ravine.

I am a huge Oilers fan and love reading. I am passionate about investing time and energy into my communities.


Jaye Brown


I have lived in the Edgemont community for about 2 years.


I am in the Edgemont East area, and we were drawn to this community for multiple reasons. One of which being we wanted to be close to family. We also wanted to be located in a new developing area where countless opportunities and diversity was around us.


I have a big passion for all things children, and growth in general as I always seem to find myself wanting to help out within the communities I find myself in.

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Sheena Dixon


 I've lived in Edgemont since 2020. I love seeing how much this community has grown in the past few years, and what it has to offer. Its proximity to amenities, the people, and the walking trails are just some of the things that make this a great place to live. 


I love the outdoors, from camping and fishing, to walking my dogs on the trails in the neighborhood. Say hi if you see us on the paths!


Miranda Wensel

Communications Director

I've lived in Edgemont since 2017. We previously lived in Rosenthal, and really loved the area and proximity to amenities while still surrounded by nature.


I love all things creative and being outdoors - you can catch me and my two boys exploring our community and around our city and tackling various artistic endeavours.

I'm passionate about connection and making a positive impact. Being a part of the Board allows me to connect with neighbours and neighbouring communities, support various initiatives to improve the quality of life, and foster relationships where we live.


Membership Director


Chanel Simpson

Volunteer Coordinator

I've lived in Edgemont since 2019. I was drawn to the natural beauty and access to walking paths. 

I’m a huge hockey fan and rarely miss a game. I also love dogs!


Krista Hammond

Director at Large

I've lived in Edgemont since 2019. I was drawn to all the natural ravine areas as that is not something that is offered in many newer urban communities. Every section of the community has areas devoted to allowing us to be surrounded by nature and to enjoy the peace that being in nature brings.

I love being outdoors, whether it is with my dogs (Jasper and Lacy) or riding my horse (Amigo).

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Johann Aceron-McLean

Business Liaison Director

In 2014, we impulsively moved to Woodhaven in Edgemont. We literally did not have a proper paved road for a very long time, but it was worth it to live in this gorgeous, growing community. Quick access to the numerous trails surrounded by trees was one of the reasons we chose to live here. As a local Realtor, I've also helped many families move both in and out of Edgemont, and even within Edgemont.


Spending quality time with family and our dog is a top priority. I've been a long time Oilers fan and recently gotten into golf. For the last year and a half, I've become a regular at the F45 gym and love that it's just minutes from home. Just one of the many amenities this community offers!"


Nina Banghera


Director at Large

We are brand new to Edmonton and just moved in earlier this year from Airdrie. Being a part of the league gives us an opportunity to grow with the community and get to know our neighbors. Some of my favourite things about Edgemont are its close proximity to amenities, ravine walking paths, that it is a kid and dog friendly community.

I spent my growing years between continents and finally laid roots in Alberta where my kids were born and am loving the variety of winter sports and the warm hearted people.

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Kathy Pham

Director at Large

I am a new resident of Edgemont and am eager to contribute to my new community. Creating a safe and vibrant neighborhood is a top priority for me, and what better way to achieve that than by actively participating and taking matters into my own hands?

In my free time, I love exploring the local restaurant scene, embarking on travel adventures, immersing myself in nature, and cherishing moments with my loved ones. Edgemont has become my home, and I'm excited to be part of its growth and prosperity. Let's work together to make our neighborhood the best it can be!


Connor Hastey-Palindat

Director at Large

Having moved to Edgemont in September 2023, we are excited to make the community home. 


Edgemont is a wonderful community and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute and help the community grow.


My passions include spending time outdoors, playing video games, and playing sports.


Director at Large


Director at Large


League History

League History

January 2019

Contact was made with the City of Edmonton to inquire about how to start a Community League.

May 2019

An invite was posted on the Edgemont Community Edmonton Facebook group to gauge interest. The first meeting to discuss the future of Edgemont was held. Five engaged community-minded individuals met that day.

June 2019

A second meeting was held and the Edgemont Steering Committee to form a Community League was established. 

July 2019

We hosted our first public meeting. The weather was not cooperative with our BBQ, but that did not stop approximately 60 people from showing up. A needs assessment survey was sent out to gauge the interests of Edgemont residents. The Steering Committee gained momentum as more people showed an interest in attending upcoming meetings.

September 2019

Two committees were formed - one to create the bylaws, and the second to create the objects for the society. 

October 2019

The name Edgemont Community League is reserved with Alberta Registries. 

December 2019

We held our second public meeting. The history of the Steering Committee and the objects and bylaws were presented and voted on. Approximately 45 people attended the meeting. The objects and bylaws were filed with Alberta Registries to start the incorporation process.

March 2020

COVID-19 forces a lockdown and this puts most event planning on hold. We were still able to hold a Spring Clean Up Contest.

April 2020

Edgemont Community League becomes an official society. The objects and bylaws were approved by Alberta Registries. Edgemont Community League is the fastest forming community league in Edmonton's history.

June 2020

COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The Steering Committee organizes a few events such as Yoga in the Park, Edgemont in Bloom, and a Bike Index Registry. 

September 2020

Edgemont Community League hosted its first Annual General Meeting. The event was held outdoors and physically distanced to ensure COVID-19 safety protocols were met. 13 Edgemont residents were voted on to the first ever Board of Directors.

October 2020

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues hosted its fall AGM. Edgemont Community League was voted in to become an official member of the EFCL. Edgemont is the 161st community league in the City of Edmonton. 

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